Our Company

Kreative – Innovative – Affordable – Unique

A Digital Agency

Creating cost effective ways to get your business in the digital world by providing fully responsive websites, graphic design, social media campaigns, branding, marketing plans, digital shows, computer tech services.

Cloud Based

In today’s world everything is done through the cloud. We offer a unique, easy to use digital media solution for your business with our cloud based platform.

Problem Solvers

If you have a business problem and need help solving it we can help you. Our knowledge extends far, combined we have over 35 years experience in business, digital media, sales, marketing, design, branding, education, service, and more.

Customer Support

We pride ourselves on trying to provide the best customer support we can. We use technology to our advantage by one on one screen sharing, Skype calling, tutorial videos, and more.

Our Story

We all come from different backgrounds and experiences wanting to make a change in our lives to better businesses around the world. There are three things we have in common we like technology, being innovative, and helping businesses.

Together we find ourselves using our skills, education and techniques to help shape businesses in today’s fast paced digital world. We hope to make a difference in each business that we extend our services to.

  • Website Development 80%
  • Social Media 75%
  • Media 95%
  • 3D Design 70%
  • App Development 65%
  • Customer Happiness 90%
Carla Mather

Carla Mather


Helping others build their companies will help me build my company”

Carla is a tenacious business person with over 15 years experience in managing small to medium sized companies. Working in several fields has given her the ability to be well rounded in her skill set. She is creative and excel’s when she is presented with a challenge.